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Our roofing contractor at 3Z Roofing LLC will get your roof back in shape!

If you are searching for a trusted roofing contractor in the Baldwin, MD area for your roof repair, here at 3Z Roofing LLC, we handle all roofing repairs, big or small. This includes storm damage repair and, if needed, help with filing an insurance claim. While many repairs we run into are very simple, from worn-out seals and pipe boots to leaky chimney flashing…severe storms are another category. Storm damage can result in compromised roofing and severely damaged shingles. We bring our 20+ years of industry experience to your job site and quickly deliver a solution.

Is your roof causing problems during the sale of your home?

If you’re in the middle of selling your home and you learn the appraiser has recorded several roofing issues on the appraisal report, these repairs must be handled quickly and professionally. And until the repairs are made, the loan is on hold. Don’t panic, call Andrew at 3Z Roofing LLC! We understand the time constraints and will work hard to get the repairs made on time, performing quality repairs and leaving a solid roof for the next homeowner.

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Small repairs can become large repairs

Ever wonder how a large leak suddenly happens? Most of the time it probably starts small..only detected in your attic. The truth is, many of these large leaks happen because smaller leaks are never discovered and repaired. At 3Z Roofing LLC, we do free inspections of your roof to catch these small repairs before they become a problem for the homeowner. Missing or hail-damaged shingles, deteriorated pipe boots, or rusted flashing can all allow water to slowly enter, saturating the roof sheathing and causing possible wood rot and mold. Our roofer is ready to do your free roof inspection. Let’s stay ahead of things as we move into Winter!

Let’s fix those repairs!

Needed roof repairs won’t go away, they will only get worse over time. Contact 3Z Roofing LLC today! We’ve helped countless homeowners in and around Baldwin, Aberdeen, Frederick, Elkton, and Annapolis, Maryland for years. We are prompt, professional, and knowledgeable of all roofing types. Experience our 3Z way! Zero pressure, Zero Haggle, Zero down. We provide honest feedback and affordable solutions. And you can count on our roofing contractor to show up when time is of the essence. Call us today at 301-758-0863!

Why should you call 3Z Roofing, LLC?

Here’s why! Your roof replacements and other home improvements will last for the long haul! 3Z Roofing LLC lives by a motto repeatedly spoken by the owner’s grandfather…”If you are gonna build…don’t be the 1st or 2nd pig…be the 3rd pig!” That means everything we build and install is built strong and built to last with the best materials available! Some products offer 50-year warranties! Check us out on Facebook for project photos.

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